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PurePulse preserves nutritional values in fresh pomegranate and extends shelf life

Pulse Electric Field treatment (PEF) by CWP Mild pasteurization with PurePulse makes it possible to preserve more valuable nutrients during the production of pomegranate juice. This results in a longer shelf life without losing a lot of nutritional value, which

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Batch size is crucial for design. Do you know your optimal batch size?

Large-scale processing of drinks and juices almost always happens through continuous processing technology. Through heat exchangers amounts of thousands to ten thousands liters of juice, drinks or milk are pasteurized and then filled into bottles or cartons. The capacity of

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CoolWave Processing at IFT in Chicago

Visit CoolWave Processing at the IFT in Chicago at the Holland Food Valley Pavilion

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Cold Press and PurePulse technology, a golden match

PurePulse technology enables juice producers to maintain the fresh quality of fruit and vegetable juice beverages. But to achieve the best results it is important the processed juice has the best quality to begin with. The Cold Press No.1 is

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PurePulse makes raw milk safe

Obsolete legislation does not fit with modern technology Raw milk contains bacteria that can damage your health. Through heating (pasteurizing or sterilizing) the damaging effects are impeded, but it also changes the nutritional value and taste of the milk. PurePulse

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Safety of fresh nut milk is not obvious

Just like cow milk, nut milk isn’t sour, which means that the acidity (pH) is high. When performing a correct risk analysis (as a mandatory part of HCCCP) , you will quickly conclude that there is a potential hazard for

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Milk made of nuts

At CoolWave Processing we already have a significant amount of experience with fresh and cold pressed juices. Next to these products we get a lot of questions about other special applications. One that surfaces remarkably often is nut milk. This is

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PurePulse now also for vegetable juice, soup and sauce

PurePulse, the technology of the young tech-company CoolWave Processing, has had an upgrade. This makes it possible to also increase the shelf life of high conductive products like vegetable juices, soups and sauces with PurePulse, without loss of taste, color

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The difference between PEF and PEF 2.0 explained

When explaining the PurePulse method the term PEF 2.0 is often used. This is the improved version of PEF. But what is that difference exactly? Let us explain:

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PurePulse now also available for small-scale production

Cool Wave Processing introduces a new, smaller-scale version of the PurePulse system: the PurePulse 350L system, with a throughput of 350 liters per hour. Because the system is smaller, the investment is also lower. This makes the technology more accessible

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