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The pros and cons of different pasteurization methods

And why the latest non-thermal techniques are the most interesting Multiple outbreaks of E coli and Salmonella the last 15 years raised concerns about the safety of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and the latest generation of cold pressed juices.

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Did you know there is loads of (free) information on PEF 2.0?

During the development of PEF 2.0 we have collected a lot of information on the technology. And we still are. This helps us in making the story on the technology stronger, and convince future users of the potential of the

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PurePulse has pilot line available for risk analysis

For companies that want to know specific results based on their raw materials and finished products, PurePulse has a pilot line with surrogate pathogens available. The preservation method Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) is officially approved by de U.S. Food and

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PurePulse, the profitable alternative for HPP

Juices are classically treated with heat. The process called pasteurization – treatment between 80-100 °C – is more than 150 years old. Since 10 years two alternative treatments have emerged on the market: Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) and High Pressure

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Raw milk food safe with PurePulse

There is an increasing interest in raw milk because of health benefits and the intense and full flavour. Currently, the PurePulse technology is used for treating fresh juices. But at Cool Wave Processing we are also very interested in the

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