Cold Press and PurePulse technology, a golden match

PurePulse technology enables juice producers to maintain the fresh quality of fruit and vegetable juice beverages. But to achieve the best results it is important the processed juice has the best quality to begin with. The Cold Press No.1 is a juice extraction machine that can extract the juice out of most fruits and vegetables with high extraction yields without negative impact on flavor, vitamins and enzymes.


The Cold Press No.1 uses hydraulic pressing plates, squeezing the juice out of the fruit or vegetable pulp into a filter bag, with pressure up to 180 bar. On top of this the cold pressing equipment is hygienically designed in such a way that it is easy to clean, reducing the risk of contamination of pathogen micro-organisms.

The juice that is extracted using the Cold Press no.1 is best preserved using a cold pasteurization method such as PurePulse, resulting in a fresh juice containing all nutrients, enzymes and flavor for a shelf life up to 3 weeks. This is, as we at CoolWave Processing believe, the future of the juice industry.

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