Milk made of nuts

At CoolWave Processing we already have a significant amount of experience with fresh and cold pressed juices. Next to these products we get a lot of questions about other special applications. One that surfaces remarkably often is nut milk. This is actually not surprising, because next to tasty nuts are healthy, as stated in the advice of the Health Council in their guidelines of 2015 to consume about 15 grams of nuts daily.


Nut milk is a milky drink made of nuts, by grinding them mixed with water and then sifting them. A useful machine to produce fresh nut milk on an industrial scale is a cold press (, with which you can easily press the nut milk out of the nuts and water.

Fresh nut milk has the delicious taste of nuts, is creamy and slightly sweet. On the market more and more and more nut milk-like drinks are appearing, from very small scale with a short shelf life, to massive long heated in packed in tetra packs in the supermarket. There has been quite some hubbub about this last category, since manufacturers appear to be rather sparing with the nuts in the drinks (often less than 2%).

Whatever the case, it is clearly a growth market, so CoolWave Processing studies the possibilities of our PurePulse technology to increase the shelf life of this fresh nut milk, and keep it fresh at the same time.

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