PurePulse makes raw milk safe

Obsolete legislation does not fit with modern technology

Raw milk contains bacteria that can damage your health. Through heating (pasteurizing or sterilizing) the damaging effects are impeded, but it also changes the nutritional value and taste of the milk. PurePulse makes it possible to render bacteria harmless while taste and quality of the raw milk are preserved.  


The PurePulse system PP1200

PurePulse is the technology of the technology company CoolWave Processing from Wageningen. It is a modern preservation method in which a series of short electric pulses are generated. These pulses inactivate bacteria in the food. This accomplishes a shelf life comparable to heat-pasteurized products.

A disadvantage of heat-pasteurizing is that a lot of proteins and other healthy components from the raw milk are destroyed while being cooked. The short electric pulses of PurePulse don’t heat the milk, which means taste and healthy components of raw milk are preserved.

However, a nearly 70 year old law prohibits the sales of unheated milk outside the yard of the farm; only heat-pasteurized or sterilized milk can be sold freely in the supermarket. This ancient law does not take into account the possibilities of modern technology, like PurePulse. Scientific research over the past ten years has delivered sufficient evidence for its effective functioning. The technology has already been developed to an industrial scale.

That’s why CoolWave Processing makes a friendly request to the government:
modernize the law and create room for innovation, to make it possible to use the valuable aspects of raw milk to their full potential.

In cooperation with dairy companies and dairy farmers, CoolWave Processing is also researching the possibilities for processed dairy like yogurt and cheese.

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