PurePulse now also for vegetable juice, soup and sauce

PurePulse, the technology of the young tech-company CoolWave Processing, has had an upgrade. This makes it possible to also increase the shelf life of high conductive products like vegetable juices, soups and sauces with PurePulse, without loss of taste, color or nutritional value.

PurePulse is a modern conservation method, which generates short electric fields that kill bacteria in the food, which cause premature decay. Thus a shelf life is achieved comparable to that of heat-pasteurized products. After treatment a product can be kept for a couple of weeks when refrigerated. Because of the short pulses, the product itself is hardly heated, preserving quality, taste and color. So the products taste the same before and after the treatment.

PurePulse upgrade

Until recently, PurePulse was mainly suitable for fruit juices. Because vegetable juices, soups and sauces (but also milk) contain relatively a lot of minerals, they have a high electric conductivity, making it very difficult to use the technology of PurePulse on these products for mild conservation – until now. By adjusting the technique, also the shelf life of soups, sauces and vegetable juices can be increased with PurePulse.

For vegetable processors, juice producers and manufacturers of soups and sauces this upgrade of PurePulse is an important development, as it allows for a better taste and higher quality.

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