PurePulse preserves nutritional values in fresh pomegranate and extends shelf life

Pulse Electric Field treatment (PEF) by CWP

Pomegrenate juiceMild pasteurization with PurePulse makes it possible to preserve more valuable nutrients during the production of pomegranate juice. This results in a longer shelf life without losing a lot of nutritional value, which is exactly what retail is asking for. This is a big step forward compared to the process of plain pasteurization.

Pomegranate juice naturally contains healthy ingredients, like anti-oxidants, vitamins and micro-nutrients. Because of these healthy ingredients, and because it is not as sweet as a lot of other fruit juices, pomegranate juice has become very popular in the past few years. But to get the juice on the market with sufficient shelf life it must be pasteurized (heated), sometimes even more than once. In that process a large part of the nutrient value is lost.

By treating the juice with pulses in an electric field (Pulse Electric Field, PEF 2.0) sufficient shelf life can be obtained without losing the nutritious properties. In addition the taste remains much closer to the original fruit juice.

This treatment has been made possible by PurePulse, the technology developed by the young tech company CoolWave Processing. During the process the maximum temperature remains below 50°C. Through this mild form of pasteurization all benefits of the pomegranate are preserved in the juice.

For other fruit juices, like apple juice and orange juice, PurePulse is already being used because of the good results in mild conservation with the preservation of nutritional values.

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