Safety of fresh nut milk is not obvious

how-to-make-almond-milk-3Just like cow milk, nut milk isn’t sour, which means that the acidity (pH) is high. When performing a correct risk analysis (as a mandatory part of HCCCP) , you will quickly conclude that there is a potential hazard for food safety, caused by growing spores of pathogenic bacteria (like Clostridium Botulinum) present in the nut milk, which can make consumers seriously ill.

That is why sterilization (>122C) is often chosen to kill the pathogenic spores, making the product safe. This gives the product a long shelf life without cooling, but unfortunately the taste will have deteriorated significantly.

Another option to produce safe nut milk is by adding fruit. The combination of nut milk and fruit lowers the acidity, and in addition tastes great. By subsequently applying PurePulse, fruit-nut-milk can even obtain a shelf life of 21 days, without the loss of taste or nutrients.

Finally, a little secret: CoolWave processing is currently studying the possibility to inactivate spores with PurePulse. Interested? Feel free to us.

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